In addition to our worldwide reputation for big game hunting in Africa, Hunters & Guides also offers specialised hunting options to satisfy a wide range of hunters and hunting enthusiasts. Below is a breakdown of the specialised hunting options that we offer our clients.

Classic Bow Hunting Safaris into Africa have become increasingly popular amongst discerning archers with species from Buffalo Bulls to Duiker now on offer. Previous strict constraints imposed by local wildlife agencies, especially in South Africa, have...
This is a truly exciting hunt because of the close quarter stalking and a slow acting drug induced “kill” as opposed to a bullet. The hunter is accompanied by a professional hunter, a tracking team and a fully qualified veterinary surgeon experienced...
Hunters & Guides Africa is proud to offer wingshooting enthusiasts fantastic birdhunting opportunities, the calibre of which will be of the same quality and service on which we have built our worldwide reputation in Big Game hunting over...
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Hunters & Guides offers an extensive product offering that allows you to completely customise your African Hunting Safari. Please contact us for a fully customised quote or our latest pricelist.
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