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HUNTERS AND GUIDES AFRICA was formed at the beginning of 1993. With headquarters in Johannesburg. The hub for the arrival of international clients coming to South Africa and as a transit route to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana. Directors John Oosthuizen and Gavin Hume are the responsible partners in the company and have both been with HUNTERS AND GUIDES AFRICA since its inception. Both are highly experienced Professional Hunters each having received the prestigious 'PROFESSIONAL HUNTER OF THE YEAR' award in past years.

As still fully active professional hunters they have gained vast experience of hunting conditions in all the following countries: SOUTH AFRICA, BOTSWANA, NAMIBIA, ZIMBABWE, ZAMBIA, TANZANIA, MOZAMBIQUE and UGANDA. With our proven track record of successful safaris and repeat clients in all the above countries we are able to provide you with informed data about the hunting conditions, trophy quality and general recommendations regarding all aspects of your safari to these destinations.

At HUNTERS AND GUIDES AFRICA you really do take aim with Africa's finest hunting team!